Obsessed with The Hunger Games? FanFiction

Look what I found!

How to know you’re obsessed with The Hunger Games.

-You hate who ever made up Team Peeta or Team Gale because it makes you think of Twilight and THG is to awesome to be related to anything.

-You listen to a random song and your eyes widen and you smile because it perfectly describes a certain moment in THG, CF ,or MJ.

-You have a mini spaz atack because you had a nightmare that Peeta/Gale died and Katniss didn’t care.

-You rushed into the book store and pushed someone away from the rack where mockingjay was and grabbed the book before anyone could take it from you.

-For girls with short hair: you jealous of your friends cause their hair is long enough to braid.

-On a hike/camping trip/outdoor excursion, you find yourself thinking about what wherever you are would be like as an arena.

-You’ve thought about learning archery, just in case.

-The first time you saw a poster for the movie “District 9”, you ran over thinking it was going to have something to do with THG. (But nope. It’s about aliens. And they’re not even in Panem.)

-You relate everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to THG.

-You know someone named Peter and accidentally call him Peeta

-You will never see the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” the same way again.

-Parent: Oh look, pita br- You: WHERE?

-You wait eagerly for any hint at possible casting roles. . . just so you can rant about why they’re all wrong.

-You ration your food and then realize you’re not, nor ever will be in the same situation.

-You talk about/to the characters of the books as if they are real or as if they could hear you.

-If you hear the word or see a Cornucopia, you immediately either look for food and weapons or run away fast.

-If you have memorized the book and go around quoting from it. =)

-You are now terrified of fog and monkeys.

-Every time you see someone with blonde hair and blue eyes, you think of Peeta.

– After reading Catching Fire, you went back a few pages and re-read the ending to make sure it really was that unbelievable.

-You literally cried when (Spoilers!!) Katniss sang to Rue while she was dying.

-You couldn’t decide whether to love Finnick or hate him.

-You’ve hated Haymitch, you’ve loved Haymitch, and you’ve been very pissed off by Haymitch.

-You want there to be a movie so badly so that you can obsess over whoever plays Peeta and/or Gale.

-You have been yelled at in laser tag because you thought you were in the arena, freaked out, and almost climbed the wall things.

-What is worse than either fog or monkeys alone? MONKEYS IN THE FOG!

If any of these things have happend to you…That means you’re offically OBSESSED!


Guess I’m officially obsessed!

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